Remember us in your Will

It can be a difficult subject to raise, but if you have valued our services you might consider leaving us a sum of money in your Will.  In this way you will be helping us to continue to provide our services for future users.

This can either be done by making a specific provision in a new or re-drafted Will, or you can have an amendment made to an existing Will, called a codicile.

Donations to charities via a Will are a tax-efficient way of giving, as the donation is tax-free and is deducted from a person's 'estate' before calculating any liability to Inheritance Tax.


If you are considering this you might want to discuss it with your family or legal adviser to sort out the best way of making arrangements. 

Our details are :

Name of Charity - Havering Shopmobility Association.

Registered Charity Number  - 1051614.

Registered Office - Havering Shopmobility, 1 The Brewery, Waterloo Road,                                       Romford, RM1 1AU.

If you need more help with this, please get in touch. Call us on 01708 722570 and we'll phone you back for a confidential discussion, without any pressure or obligation.

All donations are very welcome - we are a totally self-funded charity and rely on the generosity of our supporters.