Individual Membership

The majority of our members just want to use our scooters and wheelchairs when they want to and do not wish to be involved with the running of the charity.  They are non-voting members and do not have the right to be informed of the charity's meetings, or attend or vote (although they would be welcome!). They do have the right to become Individual Members subject to the rules of membership. 

They are called 'User Members'.  For more information, click here.


Some people do want to be more involved with the running of the charity – these are known as ‘Individual Members’.  These are people who wish to be more involved, whether as a user, volunteer, staff-member, fund-raiser, friend, champion, supporter or having special skills. 


Individual members have the right to be informed of, attend, speak and vote at charity meetings subject to the Constitution and the rules of membership.  They will be consulted on proposals and encouraged to contribute comments and suggestions. Trustees - the people responsible for making the major decisions about how the charity is run - are appointed from the Individual Members.

For more information on being a trustee, click here.


The role of Individual Members is to

  • constructively contribute their experience, commitment, influence and expertise towards the objects of the charity;

  • to offer representation on the needs of users;

  • scrutiny of the actions and decision of the trustees; and

  • assist in ensuring transparency and accountability in the way the charity is managed.


Individual Membership is open to anyone over the age of 18 unless it is felt that their membership is not in the best interests of the charity.  Individual Members pay a notional fee of £1 per year.

We need more Individual Members.  If you are interested please get in touch for a discussion, more details and an application form.  Call 01708 722570 and ask to speak to the Manager or to be put in contact with a trustee.  For other ways to contact us, click here.