Two items of ID are required for non-members for session hire or long term hire.

Current photo ID

e.g. Passport, Bus pass or Blue badge

Proof of Name and Address

e.g. an official letter or form less than         3 months old



For all non-member Session Hires

- we keep your ID and return it at the end of the hire

  • for manual wheelchairs a deposit of £50 is required

  • for electric wheelchairs or scooters a deposit of £100 is required

For ALL overnight and longer hires (members and non-members)

Due to the high cost of credit card services, we are only able to accept cash.

ATM cash dispensing machines are available close to both our shops in the Brewery and the Liberty.

Deposits are required in cash and are refunded on safe return of our equipment

Session Hire      £   3.00

Overnight/Day  £ 10.50

Weekly               £ 52.50

Manual Wheelchair


Session hire       £   2.00

Overnight/day  £   5.50

Weekly               £ 27.50

Session hire        £   2.50

Overnight/day   £ 10.50

Weekly                £ 52.50

Mobility Scooters
Electric Wheelchair
Go-Go holiday scooters carry a maximum weight of 16 st / 100 kg

Session Hire      £   10.50

Overnight/Day  £ 10.50

Weekly               £ 60.00

Wheelchair Manual


Session hire       £   5.50

Overnight/day  £   5.50

Weekly               £ 30.00

Session hire        £ 10.50

Overnight/day   £ 10.50

Weekly                £60.00

Mobility Scooters
Electric Wheelchair

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