Latest News Update 
(as of Monday, 24 January 2022)



We're having trouble staffing our Liberty shop due to volunteers being in the vulnerable groups needing to look after their own health and the health of our users.  If we can't open the Liberty shop, all services will still be available from the Brewery shop.

Liberty Shop - 01708 765764;   Brewery Shop - 01708 722570


Our Brewery and Liberty shops have been open and successfully delivering services to our users in accordance with current government guidance under ‘Plan B’ issued in December 2021 requiring additional precautions due to the rapid transmission of the Covid Omicron variant.


On 19 January 2022 the Prime Minister announced the peak of the transmission of the Omicron variant had passed and the severity of illness was less than previous variants resulting in less serious illness, fewer hospital admissions and fewer deaths.  England would therefore move back to the previous ‘Plan A’ level of precautions. This will occur from 20 January with some requirements being relaxed over the following week. 


The main changes are:

  • The wearing of face coverings in most public indoor venues and on public transport will no longer be mandatory;

  • People will no longer be advised to work from home;

  • The requirement to show a Covid pass to gain entry to larger public gatherings at entertainment venues will no longer be a requirement


The guidance is still for everyone to wear face coverings in public indoor spaces and on public transport and maintain the other precautions of sanitising, limiting numbers meeting and social distancing.


It should be emphasised that the pandemic is not over and the transmission rate remains high.  Precautions under Plan A remain but are advisory rather than mandatory. Covid still poses a major risk to people with underlying health conditions and those who have not had 3 vaccinations.


We have reviewed our position and feel that we can continue to deliver services safely in accordance with Government ‘Plan A’ guidance.


As many of our volunteers and our users are in vulnerable groups Havering Shopmobility will continue to require staff, volunteers and users to follow COVID guidance but accepting that it will no longer be legally enforceable.   This means we will continue with precautions and procedures as existing including requiring everyone to wear face coverings whilst in our shops, sanitising, limiting numbers and contacts, and social distancing.


This is consistent with our approach over the last year driven by our desire to protect our staff, volunteers, users and society as a whole.