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The Role of Trustee  

Trustees are ordinary people who give their time voluntarily to ensure that Havering Shopmobility meets its charitable purpose safely and in accordance with charity law.   As a member of the board, trustees are involved in making important decisions about how the charity is run and in ensuring that the best quality services are provided to all of our users. Some trustees also have specific additional portfolios of responsibility, for example fund raising and income generation and volunteer coordination.

Don't be put off by how complicated the role of a trustee appears.  We all have to start somewhere !  What we really need is ordinary people with life experience, common sense and a willingness to help.  The rest will come later.

The General responsibilities of a trustee are:

  • to ensure that Havering Shopmobility complies at all times with its governing document, charity law, and any other relevant legislation or regulations;

  • to ensure that Havering Shopmobility pursues its objects as defined in its governing document;

  • to maintain proper financial controls and ensure that Havering Shopmobility applies its resources exclusively in pursuance of its objects;

  • to set and maintain the vision, mission and values of the charity;

  • to develop strategy, set overall policy, define goals and targets and evaluate performance against the targets;

  • to ensure transparency and accountability;

  • to operate appropriate employment procedures and respect the roles of paid staff and volunteers;

  • to support the operational management of the organisation;

  • to draw up and monitor the implementation of policies and operational procedures including equality, diversity, health and safety and data protection;

  • to ensure that risk assessments for all aspects of the business are carried out;

  • to safeguard the good name, reputation and values of Havering Shopmobility;

  • to maintain effective board performance and ensure the effective and efficient administration of the charity including funding, insurance and premises;

  • to promote Havering Shopmobility;

  • to act in the best interests of the charity, never in the interests of themselves or another organisation.

Lead Responsibilities


In addition to having the collective responsibility to oversee the work of the charity, some individual trustees will hold a portfolio of personal responsibilities for which they will act as the champion and are expected to take the lead.   Theses include :

  • Volunteer Support—  helping  our  Manager  to  attract,  recruit  and  mentor  our                                                         volunteers  who deliver services from our two shops;

  • Fund Raising and Income Generation—  looking  for funding  and  income-generating                                              opportunities in the local and wider community; ​                                                                            (Applications still being accepted)

  • I.T. & Digital Systems—  we’re  only  small  but  we  still  need  someone to develop                                                     and look  after  our  systems; (Applications still being accepted)

  • Marketing— we  need  to  raise  our profile  and  reach  out  to  potential  users  of                                                      our service;  (Applications still being accepted)

  • Technical— looking  after  our  fleet  of  scooters  and  wheelchairs.                       (Applications still being accepted)

  • Meetings Secretary- arranging meetings; co-ordinating and circulating reports; taking minutes and keeping official records.

The lead role for Business Management is not currently being recruited to.  The lead role for Volunteer Support has been filled. The role of general trustee (without a lead role) and other lead roles, are vacant and available.

The Commitment. The trustee board meets quarterly in January, April, July and October.  Meetings are held in Romford during the day and usually last less than 2 hours.  The AGM of all members is held on same day as the July trustees meeting.  All trustees are expected to attend these meetings, which are currently being held by video conference.


In addition, trustees attend other meetings on an ad hoc basis depending on their portfolio and availability. 


As a portfolio holder, trustees need to have both the time and commitment to properly undertake the role.  It is anticipated trustees will spend 1-2 days per month on their lead responsibilities,


Some trustees also act as volunteers undertaking regular morning or afternoon shifts in our shops.

The Return.


  • The sense of personal achievement of using your skills and experience in a new way to help others who really need and appreciate it;

  • Being part of a team that is trying to make a positive difference;

  • The opportunity of ‘giving back’ to the local community;

  • A useful addition to your CV if you are wanting to pursue a career.


The role is voluntary and unpaid.  Travel expenses actually and necessarily incurred will be refunded on request.

More Information:

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Applications for vacant roles are being accepted and responded to as they are received